Muscle Descent

Under the combined effects of weight gain and age, every component of our body seems to slide downwards, the forehead slides down, the cheeks fall, the breasts droop and the stomach hangs.

By no means alone in this problem are the muscles, in particular at the face, Occipito-frontalis at the forehead and Platysma at the mid and lower face. The former causes the upper eyelids to droop, the latter drags on the skin to which it is attached and is in part the cause of the falling and wrinkling of the skin of the face.

There are three changes in the aging face: facial descent, deflation, and radial expansion. Descent is the downward displacement of the facial soft tissues; deflation is the loss of facial fat; radial expansion is the loosening of some of the facial tissue.

The platysma muscle extends from the lower face down the entire neck. In the lower face, its descent creates the jowl. In the neck, the descent of platysma causes the bands that appear in the front of the neck, framing the trachea.