Inframammary Fold

This is the lower margin of where breast and chest meet. Called by various names, inframammary fold (IMF), inframammary crease, inframammary ligament and inframammary line, this is the reflection point where the skin of the lower surface of the breast turns down over the chest beneath (distal to) the breast. It is an important landmark for the surgeon practising breast reconstruction in particular, but requires also the attention of the surgeon in breast augmentation.

Anatomic dissection and histologic microscopy studies have shown this to be a recognizable structure where the subcutaneous fascia of the breast is adherent and comingles with the fibers of the deep pectoral fascia, identifying this as a fixed zone which mandates the attention of the breast surgeon.

The suggestion has been made that there is a “ligament” in this fold, and that has not been substantiated.