Eyelid Creases

This term is used in the description of the overhang of the upper eyelid, whether the edge of the lid is visible or not in the open eye. It’s not easy to follow, but even more difficult are the expressions “single” and “double” eyelids.

In most Japanese and many persons of Chinese stock, the open eye is described as “almond shaped” due in part to the overhang of the skin of the upper eyelid which hangs over the brim of the lid rather than tucking back behind it as in the Caucasian and African eye.

Alteration of the “Oriental” eye by a Blepharoplasty procedure to create the “double eyelid” is much in demand; there is some resentment at the suggestion this is done to “look western.” The patients say they merely find one appearance more attractive than another, without “east” or “west” in mind, and anyway they find it easier for makeup purposes.