Surgical Cases Related to Gynecomastia Correction

Dr. Belsley's Philosophy of Male Breast Reduction

Treatment for gynecomastia can be approached in several ways and is largely dependent upon the “type” of tissue in the chest that needs to be reduced.  A physical examination is necessary to create a plan for treatment.  Most of the time, I treat these individuals with a combination of ultrasonic liposuction and removal of glandular and breast tissue through a small incision on the border of the areola.  Some individuals will be able to achieve excellent results with ultrasonic liposuction alone.  Others, may require more extensive incisions.  My goal is to give you a natural looking masculine shape that is well proportioned with the rest of your body using the shortest incision possible.

The male breast is susceptible to the action of hormones

The male breast is susceptible to the action of hormones, and commonly enlarges in infancy as a result of maternal hormone, at puberty as result of hormonal changes and at senescence as a result of decreasing testosterone formation. It may also be found in the patient who has undergone marked reduction of excessive weight, yet the fat deposits around the breast disproportionately persist.