Surgical Cases Related to Brow Lift

The arch of the brow

I’ve noticed that what we consider a youthful brow today is very different from what was considered youthful even one and certainly two generations ago.  Aesthetically pleasing women’s brows are now closer to the eye and therefore lower on the brow bone than they were in the past.  The arch of the brow is closer to the outer corner of the eye than it was before. 

Browlifts address fallen brows and a wrinkled forehead

The procedure is indicated in the patient whose brows have fallen, beginning to overhang the eyes, whose forehead is wrinkled with transverse lines and vertical lines over the bridge of the nose.

It may be accomplished by “open” or “closed” (endoscopic) surgery. The open procedure, obviously the older, has the advantage of easier and direct vision, and if there is substantial excess skin this is the only choice. And endoscopic apparatus is not available to all surgeons in all parts of the world, and even where it is, there are surgeons who prefer to continue with the “tried and true” they have become used to doing.