Neck Lift Aesthetic Description

Everyone’s neck is different.  My goal when performing a neck lift is to restore the appearance of an individual’s neck to what it looked like when you were happiest with it.

I don’t remove glands, because I feel that the risks of these maneuvers outweigh the benefits.  I also don’t perform neck lifts without also making short scar face lift incisions, because I think that some of the skin that is sagging in the neck belongs in the lower part of the face.  I make facial incisions to reposition that sagging skin to its appropriate location.

If a man or woman with good skin elasticity has a “double chin,” I can sometimes perform liposuction to the neck, which improves the neck contour significantly.  Most people, however, require removal of skin so that it does not sag after liposuction and this requires face and neck lift incisions.

Performing liposuction on the neck when an individual ideally needs a neck lift results in sagging skin.  This can sometimes look worse than it did prior to surgery and is a result that is best avoided.

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