Breast augmentation surgery can balance existing asymmetries and change the line of a woman's body so that her proportions more closely approximate her personal ideal. Most women who undergo breast augmentation do so to achieve a larger and fuller bust.

Breast augmentation, however, does not mandate an extreme change in breast size.  Many of Dr. Belsley's clients undergo breast augmentation primarily to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing breast shape, increasing the size...

Overly large breasts can be a physical and psychological burden. Affected women are often unable to perform routine activities comfortably. They may suffer from neck, shoulder and upper back pain, skeletal deformities and skin irritation. Self-consciousness is common and clothing is often difficult to fit, as the woman's breasts are deeply disproportionate to the remainder of her physique.

Women who suffer with overly large and heavy breasts often seek out and undergo breast reduction...

One of nature's ironies is that the supple breast, frequently a symbol of femininity and fertility, can be affect so unfavorably by multiple pregnancies. Women breasts may begin to droop because of changes that occur during and after pregnancy, because of weight loss or simply as a result of time. A breast lift can provide a rounder and fuller bustline, sometimes more effectively with the addition of an implant.

The passage of time can change the appearance of a woman's breasts, whether or not they have been altered by surgery. At times, an individual's preferences may shift, causing them to seek revisional breast surgery. A thorough understanding of the various forces that contribute to changes in a surgical result over time is important when undertaking revisional breast surgery.

Dr. Belsley feels that revising a previous surgical result should be preceded by lengthy discussions about...

Introduction to Breast Surgery

A source of wonder for men and nourishment for children, breasts have been a universal symbol of femininity since time immemorial. A pert youthful breast represents good health, fertility and the alluring softness of the female form. The archetype of the perfect breast varies significantly in terms of shape and size and has much to do with culture and personal taste. That said, the ideals of symmetry along with a full appearance typically characterize an attractive bustline, no matter how big or small the cup size.

For many women, their sense of personal identity and femininity are closely associated with their breasts. Making the decision to alter the size and shape of the breast is hugely personal and can provide a sense of empowerment over one’s womanhood.

Conversely men also attach their own ideals of masculinity with the breast, which for males should be flat and muscular. Men’s ideal body shape has tended to be more pigeonholed than the modern woman with an expectation of an Adonis archetype. Men who suffer from conditions such as gynecomastia may also elect to undergo surgery to assert a more masculine form.

Considering Breast Surgery?

Today, a woman’s decision to have breast surgery is a highly individual one and there are many options available depending on your goals. Changing the size of the breast, whether to make it larger or smaller or revising the shape, can have profound effects on the way you look and feel about your body. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of women who take the decision to undergo surgery to modify their breasts aren’t purely driven by vanity. For most women, cosmetic surgery on the breast will be carried out with the goal of achieving a more balanced and natural looking frame that allows them to feel good in and out of their clothes.

Many women find that motherhood and aging alters the size and volume of the breast causing sagging and unevenness. This is also true of clients who suffer various illnesses including breast cancer or abnormalities such as tuberous breasts. Unfortunately, these experiences don’t just affect the way you look, they can also severely impact your confidence and self-esteem, as you feel less attractive and in some ways robbed of your femininity. Other clients may not suffer from functional deficits but feel inadequate due to a general lack of volume. These concerns have lead many women to consider breast surgery as a way to restore their natural form and allow them to once again embrace their femininity.

For other women the opposite is true and they may find that they have overdeveloped breasts, which can lead to physical discomfort and back pain, particularly on a small frame. For some personality types, they may also find they attract the wrong kind of attention, and/or that they are excluded from wearing certain types of clothing that can make shopping, particularly for business attire difficult. In this case they may opt to have a breast reduction to ease some of the discomfort.

For Men

Just like their female counterparts, men also attach their physical appearance to their physical and emotional well-being. Gynecomastia or enlargement of male breast tissue is a condition that can be caused by a number of factors. Unfortunately however, this rather common condition is something that is not openly discussed amongst men and for those who suffer from it, it can be a very discouraging experience making them feel less confident, demotivated and even emasculated. While exercise can alleviate some of the symptoms many find that the breast tissue is more resistant even to a focused fitness program. Rather than hiding behind oversized t-shirts and sheepish excuses, many men are now taking the step to seek surgical intervention that allows them to discreetly realize the physique they have worked so hard to achieve.

What are my options?

The human breast is made up of a number of different types of tissues including connective, muscular, fatty and glandular tissues. For both men and women the options available will be guided by the specific make up of their breasts as well as their aesthetic goals. Whatever your unique situation, Dr. Belsley’s objectives are always to achieve a beautiful shape and a harmonious body proportion.

Breast surgery procedures carried out by Dr. Belsley include breast augmentation, breast lift, reduction, correction, treatment for gynecomastia, and revision. Many of Dr. Belsley’s clients undergo breast augmentation to acquire a more aesthetically pleasing breast shape; the increase in size is modest in most cases with the emphasis on proportion and harmony with the rest of the body. For clients considering any type of breast surgery should seek advice on what is appropriate for their body type and frame. As with any cosmetic procedure it helps if you clear on what your exact concerns are and what you would like to achieve before you visit the surgeon’s office. Dr Belsley can help you ascertain what is technically possible and is well placed to create a surgery plan that can address your specific needs.

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General advice for clients considering Breast Surgery

  • Work with a surgeon who has your interests at heart, listen to their advice carefully but don’t be pushed into procedures you don’t feel are right for you
  • Discuss the complications and your expectations with the surgeon in depth
  • Ask as many questions as you can, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to get as much information as you need to feel comfortable with your surgeon and the procedure you are considering
  • Seek out additional information regarding what you can expect from the surgery itself. The better informed you are the more equipped you will be to handle the surgical procedure and postoperative outcomes
  • When it comes to saline vs. silicone, points of incision and especially the size there are many factors, which you should consider both related to your unique physiology as well as your lifestyle. Discuss all of this openly with your surgeon and give yourself enough time to make a decision
  • If you elect for a revision of prior implants remember to provide the original reports to your doctor so they have all the information at hand
  • The best candidates for breast cosmetic surgery have healthy expectations about what it can do for their quality of life. If you are physically healthy and realistic in your expectations, you may be a good candidate
  • Be prepared for healing time, not only in terms of how you will look but also to make arrangements for time taken off work and follow up visits with the surgeon. The exact time depends on the procedure and it is of utmost importance that you follow your surgeon’s advice to avoid complications and allow for the best recovery and outcomes
  • Remember to get into the habit of regular breast self examination both before and after your surgery – of course allowing for healing time