Love Handles

This is the kind of street term for which one goes to the “Urban Dictionary” to get current definitions and usage. On offer are:

  • The areas of extra fat that hang or slightly bulge from the sides.
  • Love handles vary in size, to small, cute, and curvaceous; all the way to massive, obese, and covered with stretch marks.
  • Women should have love handles. If they don't have small ones on their lower back then they are way too skinny.
  • The part of the body that is grabbed while love making, hence the name 'love handles'.
  • The area of fat around a women's waist that is usually seen when their pants are too small for them. They can be small and cute...or big and ugly.
  • These male-oriented definitions ignore the fact that men also have these unsightly fat deposits and are as likely as women to seek correction.

    There are areas in the body which easily gain fat, and other areas that are reluctant to give it up when dieting. Even in starvation, the fat around the heart which serves no known purpose, does not disappear. The band of fat in the lower abdomen, above the crest of the pelvis is one of those areas resistant to weight reduction, and may noticeably persist when excess fat has been lost elsewhere from the abdomen.

    There are a number of devices used to treat “love handles” without invasive surgery, using ultrasound, laser, infrared, radiofrequency, magnetic pulses, etc., etc., all of which are directing forms of energy that will convert to heat in the area on which they are focussed.

    The more effective treatment when warranted is by liposuction, which may be assisted in a number of ways. But, removal of the displeasing fat tissue does not guarantee it will not return.