I seem to look tired and my face seems to droop. What procedures might help?

Looking less tired starts with being less tired just like a healthy look starts with a healthy lifestyle.  I would be remiss to not first recommend a regular sleep cycle of at least eight hours per night, a healthy diet and a regular exercise program to anyone wishing to look and feel their best.  Keeping well hydrated, avoiding smoking and even second hand smoke and being smart about sun exposure are additional things that have a very positive impact upon one’s physical appearance.

Beyond that, there are both surgical as well as non-surgical interventions that I offer that can address drooping facial tissues. 

When used properly, muscle denervating agents such as Botox® and soft tissue fillers can temporarily reverse changes in our physical appearance that occur naturally as we age but that others often interpret as our looking “tired.”  It is important to have muscle denervating agents such as Botox® and soft tissue fillers injected by a qualified and well trained practitioner.  Otherwise, the result can make individuals look more tired and unnatural than they did prior to the treatment.  In my practice, I perform all injectable treatments personally. 

Ultimately, there are changes in our facial appearance that are beyond the scope of injectable treatments.  Surgical procedures such as eyelid lifts or blepharoplasty, face lifts and brow lifts are indicated in such cases.