Arrival Time

Dr. Belsley's goal is to provide high quality, thorough, efficient and confidential consultations and treatments to every individual. To facilitate this, we ask that you arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.  

Appointment Length

Consultation for a new issue is expected to take between forty-five minutes and one hour and fifteen minutes.  Each consultation is capped at one hour and fifteen minutes.  Please take this into consideration when scheduling your appointment and when you are discussing your concerns with Dr. Belsley during your appointment.  Injectable treatments are expected to take between half an hour and one and a half hours, depending upon the treatment.  We can notify you of the expected length of any treatment such that you can prepare appropriate time in your day's schedule.  We respectfully ask that you do so.  A rushed visit is rarely a productive visit.

Food and Beverages

We provide complimentary coffee, tea and water. We ask that you do not bring or consume food in the waiting area. 

Telephone and Hand Held Device Usage

We request that you refrain from having telephone conversations while in the office.  Quiet means of communication such as text messaging and emailing are perfectly acceptable, provided that your telephone is in "silent" mode.

Young Children

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to find appropriate child care for your young children.  However, bringing young children to your consultation requires you to monitor and care for them in an unfamiliar environment while you attempt to concentrate on discussions you are having with Dr. Belsley and undergo physical examination.  As such, we feel that it is most appropriate to schedule your visit with Dr. Belsley at a time that you can find acceptable child care so that your visit can be appropriately concentrated upon you.