Surgical Cases Related to Breast Lift

Dr. Belsley's Philosophy of Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

In my practice, I perform breast lifts using incisions that result in a “lollipop” shaped scars.  With good care and a bit of luck, these incisions heal well and the scars are difficult to see from a distance.  Nevertheless, a woman who undergoes a cosmetic breast lift must be prepared for scars that are visible.  This is one example of a “trade-off” in plastic surgery and of course, there are many others.  This is one, however, that I feel is more than worthwhile in appropriate candidates.

Ptosis is the degree of breast droop corrected by a mastopexy

Otherwise known as a “breast lift,” the procedure is to reposition and possibly reshape the breast into a more desirable position. Although it does not by definition include breast enlargement, that may be performed at the same time.

Anyone who is not satisfied with the position of either breast is a candidate for this operation, but typically it is performed on the woman who was previously satisfied with the position of her breasts, but the Cooper’s suspensory ligaments have lengthened following pregnancy, and/or weight gained then lost, and/or aging, and the nipples are lower than she (or her partner) would wish. The contents of the breast may not be interfered with by the surgery, and lactation in a subsequent pregnancy will remain possible.